Lysosomal enzymes list and their function

Lysosomal enzymes: The enzymes which are found in lysosomes are called lysosomal enzymes. Lysosomal enzymes digest unwanted proteins, lipids, viral particles, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and other materials that are taken … Read more

Diagram of Lysosomes and Types

Diagram of Lysosome

Lysosomes are the cell’s degradation compartments and primarily involved in the digestion of proteins, DNA, RNA, polysaccharides, and complex lipids into their respective monomers. A well‐known role of the lysosomes … Read more

Lysosomal storage disease symptoms

The lysosomal storage diseases are caused due to defective or deficiencies of a single functional lysosomal enzyme. Mutations in the genes that encode the proteins or enzymes of lysosomes are … Read more

Three Kingdom Classification

Three kingdom classification was given by German scientist, Haeckel Ernst in the 1860s. He divided the organisms into three kingdoms such as Animalia, Plantae, and Protista. He arranged organisms based … Read more

What is an organism?

Organism definition The organism is a living thing that possesses various properties to progress life until its death. In straight words, the organism is nothing but a living creature. They … Read more

Function of osteoclast in bone resorption

Osteoclast function in bone cells

Osteoclast definition Osteoclast (plural “osteoclasts”) is a multinucleated cell found only in bones. It plays a crucial role in bone absorption and regeneration. Bone is a dynamic connective tissue in … Read more