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Lysosome Analogy and Its Picture

Lysosomes resemble garbage cans. As we all use garbage cans in our houses to remove unwanted materials, every cell of eukaryotic organisms uses lysosomes (suicidal bags) as garbage cans to remove damaged or harmful biomaterials from the cells. The lysosome protects cells from free radical effects, toxins, unwanted molecules, and molecules released by pathogens by collecting all unwanted materials from the environment within the cell.

In another way, lysosomes can be represented as the recycling bin that we find on our computers, where the deleted files are stored, keeping our computers’ software safe from broken or unwanted files.

If you still want to make a biological comparison of the lysosome, the lysosome can be compared to our stomach, liver, and spleen. The stomach is an organ that contains enzymes to digest consumed food, and helps in the absorption of essential nutrients and the removal of unwanted materials.

Diagram of Lysosome
Lysosome Analogy: Picture of the lysosome, it functions like a recycling bin in a computer