Cellular Respiration Equation

Cellular Respiration Equation

The cellular respiration equation is a chemical statement that expresses the conversion of molecules, which takes place in the cells of all living organisms.   Cellular respiration equation C6H12O6 + … Read more

Thermodynamics of Protein Folding

Primary Protein structure of protein

Thermodynamics is a very important subject in physical science, which focuses mainly on the mathematical analysis of energy relationships (heat, work, temperature, and equilibrium). Macroscopically, statistical mechanics explains the various … Read more

The characteristics of enzymes

20 Characteristics of enzymes

What are enzymes? Enzymes are bio-active organic molecules found in the cells of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Interestingly, enzymes are specific to a particular substrate. They contribute to specialized functions … Read more

Four levels of protein structure and examples

Primary Protein structure of protein

Protein structure basically depends on the arrangement of different amino acid residues in a three-dimensional way. In general, proteins are macromolecules and have four different levels of structure. What are … Read more

Examples of Protein Structure

Four Levels of protein structure

The term structure when used in the relation to proteins, takes on a much more complex meaning than it does for small molecules. Proteins are macromolecules and have four different … Read more

Role of Metal Ions in Biological Systems

Metal ions are important factors in cellular metabolism, as they function as enzyme cofactors and thus modulate the activity of enzymes and enzymatic reactions. Although several enzymes have been reported … Read more

Types of Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme Inhibition Definition: The decline in the velocity of an enzymatic reaction is called enzyme inhibition. In other words, enzyme inhibition refers to a reduction in enzyme-related processes, enzyme activity, … Read more

Anfinsen experiment components and conclusion

Anfinsen’s experiments indicate that the formation of higher-order structures is mainly dependent on the nature and type of amino acids present in the protein’s primary structure. Anfinsen’s experiment in protein … Read more