Function of Osteoclast in Bone Resorption

Osteoclast function in bone cells

Osteoclast Definition An osteoclast (plural “osteoclasts”) is a multinucleated cell found only in bones. It plays a crucial role in bone absorption and regeneration. Bone is a dynamic connective tissue … Read more

Autophagy Definition, Types, Pathway and Function

Autophagy definition Autophagy (“auto” means self and “phagy” means eating) is the major non-apoptotic degradation pathway in eukaryotic cells and is required for the elimination of damaged organelles, proteins, and … Read more

What are lysosomal storage diseases?

What are lysosomal storage diseases

Definition of lysosomal storage disease The lack of functional enzymes to regulate the excessive accumulation of their respective substrates has led to the emergence of genetic conditions known as lysosomal … Read more

Marker enzymes of cell organelles

Marker enzymes definition: Marker enzymes are biomarkers, which are not frequent but limited to and synthesized by specific cell organelles. Hence, the marker enzymes are used to find and isolate … Read more